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Managed VMware Cloud Servers

Entity Data's Managed Cloud offer unparalleled performance and reliability. A contention ratio of 1:1 ensures your resources are dedicated and aren't shared with other customers. We strive to offer the most professional 24/7/365 support in Australia with guaranteed 15 minute response on critical tickets.

Cloud Server Accelerate

  • HardwarePoweredge® R620
  • vCPU's (Intel Xeon® E5)4 vCPU
  • RAM (LVRDIMM, 1600MHz)8192 MB
  • SAN Storage (Equallogic RAID-10)150 GB
  • IP Addresses (Additional IP's: $3/mo)2
  • Data Transfer800 GB
  • Contention1:1
  • Managedavail
  • 99.999% SLAavail
  • 24/7/365 Supportavail
  • Multi-homed Network (AS 56057)avail
  • Live Traffic Statsavail
  • Australian Data Centreavail
  • Environmentally Green Friendlyavail
  • DNS Hosting (5 Domain Starter Pack Included)avail
  • HA + DRSavail
  • Pricing (All prices are in AUD and include GST)
  • Monthly$589.95 (inc GST)
  • Setup feeFREE
  • Order Now

High Availability (HA)

Entity Data's Managed VMware Cloud provides the highest level of virtual server infrastructure availability by leveraging on our fully-redundant clustered/cloud platform. This ensures that in the event that a hypervisor node fails, the virtual instance is then automatically re-located to another hypervisor node..



DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduling) extends on the HA capability above by adding the ability for the cloud instance to dynamically move within the cluster allowing processing power to be balanced. This migration occurs as an online real-time vMotion of the Virtual Server ensuring no disruption.


Service Level Agreement

  • Standard SLA

    HA/Cloud Standard Service Level Agreement [PDF]

    - Estimated 15 minute critical priority ticket response.

    - Basic server management including patching.
    - Credits paid for any downtime.

  • Critical Care SLA

    - Guaranteed 15 minute critical priority ticket response.

    - Advanced server management (inc. Application configuration & patching).

    - 24/7/365 Server & Application Monitoring (we respond to your alerts).
    - Familiarity with your hosting solution by our staff.

    - Large Credits paid for any downtime.

    - Project Manager assigned to your account


    Contact Us

** We will quote on a case by case basis for Critical Care SLA based on customer requirements **

Additional Data Transfer

  • Additional 100 GB$45 /mo
  • Additional 200 GB$90 /mo
  • Additional 400 GB$180 /mo
  • Excess Data$1.40 /GB

** Data is counted in both the inbound and outbound direction (IN+OUT) **

Operating Systems

  • Windows Server 2012 R2: Standard Edition (x86_64)$17 /mo
  • Windows Server 2008 R2: Web Edition (x86_64)$13 /mo
  • Windows Server 2008 R2: Standard Edition (x86_64)$15 /mo
  • Windows Server 2008 R2: Enterprise Edition (x86_64)$17 /mo
  • CloudLinux 6.6 (x86_64)$20 /mo
  • Linux CentOS 6.6 (x86_64)FREE
  • Linux CentOS 7.0 (x86_64)FREE
  • Linux Debian 7.7 (x86_64)FREE
  • Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (x86_64)FREE
  • OpenSUSE 12.1 (x86_64)FREE
  • FreeBSD 9.0 (x86_64)FREE
  • Other Operating Systemsavail

** Other Operating Systems are supported by VMware and we can provision your OS of choice. However we may not be able to provide technical support or operating system management for other Operating Systems **

Managed Firewall

  • Check Point Firewall Solution (Internal Addressing + NAT)$45 /mo
  • Check Point Firewall Solution (Private VLAN + Internal Addressing + NAT)$65 /mo
  • Unlimited Policy Changesavail
  • Active/Active Failoveravail
  • Fully Managedavail
  • Stateful Filteringavail
  • DDoS Preventionavail
  • Anti-Spoofingavail

** Changes to Check Point Firewall policy must be submitted in a support ticket **

Scheduled Backups

  • Daily Onsite + Veeam Instant Recovery$25 /mo
  • Daily Onsite + Weekly Offsite + Veeam Instant Recovery$45 /mo
  • Daily Onsite + Daily Offsite + Veeam Instant Recovery$145 /mo

** Weekly onsite backups are performed as a standard service on this mission critical platform, the optional addons above are for additional data protection **

Software Licenses

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Web Edition (Unlimited CAL's)$30 /mo
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Standard Edition (Unlimited CAL's)$465 /mo
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2: Web Edition (Unlimited CAL's)$30 /mo
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2: Standard Edition (Unlimited CAL's)$465 /mo
  • Microsoft Office 2010: Standard Edition (5 CAL's)$110 /mo
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (5 CAL's)$35 /mo
  • Plesk v12 (100 Domain License)$25 /mo
  • Plesk v12 with Power Pack (100 Domain License)$30 /mo
  • cPanel/WHM$19 /mo

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