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Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Deliver your web content at blistering fast speeds with EntityCloud™ Content Delivery Network as-a-Service solution (CDNaaS).

We have strategically located CDN edge-servers in data centres worldwide, with over 30 points of presence including CDN nodes in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland. We are also maintaining CDN nodes throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

EntityCloud™ CDN uses an advanced CDN logic engine and global Anycast DNS service to ensure that web content is delivered to users from servers in the same geographic location. Our CDNaaS solution combines information about a user's location with the status and location of each server in the CDN, to find the best server to fulfill each web content request. It uses DNS routing to reduce the number of network hops required, which is much faster than traditional DNS configurations used by most other CDN's.

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Cache your static web content across over 30 global locations (and increasing regularly) including; Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Los Angeles, Washington, Dallas, Miami, Seattle, Toronto & more.


EntityCloud™ CDN enables HTTP pull, push and caching for web content. With HTTP pull, content is pulled to an end users closest CDN location when they request it, and is then available locally to other users that request it. Otherwise it stays on the origin server - the server that 'owns' the content. It's best suited for smaller file sizes, where the time taken to retrieve the original file from the origin server, for the first users in each location, will not be particularly noticeable. Once there's a local copy, local users will be served that copy until it changes.


With HTTP push, content is automatically distributed or 'pushed' to a selection of CDN locations when it is added to the origin server, or when it changes. It's better suited to larger files like software installers and patches, and when files are typically 50MB or larger - files that would take end users longer to download from the origin, if there isn't a local copy of the latest version.


EntityCloud™ CDN also supports static and dynamic HTTP content caching at any CDN location. HTTP caching offloads web content onto the CDN network, and ensures that content is delivered more quickly by storing a copy at each CDN location.


- SSL support (vanity and shared certificates) from the origin to the CDN, and from the CDN to the end user.
- Link encryption for Flash (RTMPS, RTMPE, RTMPTE) to protect against content intrusion and stream ripping.
- Secure Token support against spoofing/stream interceptors.
- Geoblocking support (include/exclude content access for specific locations).
- Anti-leech support for streams.
- Hotlink prevention.

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