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Quickly and cost effectively build Linux, freeBSD and Windows servers in the cloud and pay just for what you need.

Full self-service; create VM's, destroy VM's, resize VM's, automatic "on-demand" resource scaling, mission-critical redundancy and automatic recovery, self-service backups, console access, API & much more.

EntityCloud™ from Entity Data is business-ready, creating the perfect platform, whether you're seeking an off-site solution for development, testing and staging workloads or launching new mission-critical commercial applications in the cloud.

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Quickly create cloud servers from our large library of Windows, Linux and FreeBSD templates. We also make available a large number of both open source and commercial applications and control panels built into compatible templates.



Manually create backups and snapshots of your cloud servers and have the power to restore your server in seconds, 24 hours a day.

Enable scheduled backups from within the management portal to avoid the necessity of taking manual backups.

Backups are stored on completely separate backup servers for the highest level of data protection.


Access the advanced HTML5 management console for out-of-bound emergency operating system access. Use the recovery mode to repair a malfunctioning instance.

Protect your EntityCloud™ servers with the cloud firewall functionality. Configure the firewall to allow or disallow certain types of traffic – directly from the management console.


EntityCloud™ includes a rapid, easy-to-configure auto-scaling feature; you can configure your cloud servers to automatically increase or decrease their resources (CPU, Memory & Disk) – or to even horizontally scale by cloning more instances, based on configurable usage thresholds.

Load Balancing is also configurable from the EntityCloud™ management portal. With a few clicks you can specify which cloud servers will participate in the load balancing cluster. Incoming traffic is then distributed evenly between all cloud servers in the cluster.


EntityCloud™ subscription provides access to our friendly and comprehensive technical support 24/7/365. By it's very design, EntityCloud™ servers are self-managed with support close at hand when it's needed. All the tools you need to build, re-install, repair, backup, restore, configure & update are made available.

EntityCloud™ Service Level Agreement [PDF]

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What are the differences between EntityCloud™ and Managed VMware Cloud?
EntityCloud™ is a self-service, self-managed, pay-as-you-go cloud utility computing platform. Resources and infrastructure are made available to the customer for their own purposes. The main priorities of EntityCloud™ is cost-efficiency, self-service, extensive automation and utility billing. EntityCloud™ is ideal for developers, IT professionals, web development companies and small business seeking to self-manage their instances and spin up and destroy on-demand. EntityCloud™ is powered by open source hypervisor technology (KVM).

Managed VMware Cloud is a premium, low-contention, high-availability platform built on enterprise-grade hardware with an Equallogic Storage subsystem. Cloud Servers are deployed, scaled and managed on behalf of the customer by Entity Data. Managed VMware Cloud allows for special design customisations such as Off-site Tape Backups, VPN's, Two-factor Authentication, Check Point or vShield firewalls, special software and OS configurations, and more. The main priorities of Managed Cloud is to deliver extremely high-performance, high-reliability, management and flexibility. Entity Data is a VMware Certified Partner and this platform is supported by the vendor. Managed VMware Cloud is recommended for Enterprise requirements.

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