Bare Metal Servers


When a virtual server isn’t the right solution, Entity Data’s Bare Metal Servers fill the gap.

A Bare Metal Server is a physical server dedicated for use by a single tenant. The tenant can configure the server according to the business requirements. The opposite of a Bare Metal Server is a hypervisor node, in which multiple users share a nodes compute and storage resources.

Entity Data is a DELL infrastructure partner and all our Bare Metal Server solutions are ordered from DELL on a case by case basis to meet customer requirements.

Our team can work with you to plan, design and build a solution to meet any operational requirement. You can also decide on the level of management you need following provisioning with the option of managing the solution yourself, or full management by our team.

Why Entity Data

  • Wide range of choices of Operating System and hardware.

  • Ability to virtualise the hardware and run your own virtual machines.

  • Multiple Service Level Agreements depending on business requirements.

  • Avoid high upfront hardware costs with a simple monthly payment.

  • Advanced traffic statistics via Netflow.

  • Wide range of enterprise addons available (i.e. Firewall, VPN, Load Balancing, etc).

  • 24/7/365 Support by our team.

More Information

Despite the overwhelming popularity, Bare Metal Servers may not be the best choice for many businesses. Cloud solutions are becoming ever more popular and increasingly can deliver all the same capabilities as a Bare Metal Server, at a lower price point.

We recommend discussing your requirements with an Entity Data solutions engineer to determine if a Bare Metal Server is the best fit for your business.

Bare Metal Server Features

Bare Metal Server Features

Service Level Agreements

Choose between Standard Care and our more comprehensive Critical Care SLA.

Bare Metal Server Features

Fully Redundant Infrastructure

Our Data Centres, Network and Hardware are fully-redundant with no single points of failure.

Bare Metal Server Features

Enterprise Data Protection

Daily Onsite, Daily Offsite and/or Continuous Data Protection provided by our R1Soft backup server.

Bare Metal Server Features

All Cisco Network

Multi-gigabit, Multi-homed, all Cisco network (AS56057) providing blistering fast performance and maximum resiliency.

Bare Metal Server Features

24/7/365 Technical Support

E-ticket or Telephone. Guaranteed 15 minute business-hours and 45 minute after-hours response on (P1) Urgent priority tickets.

Bare Metal Server Features

Enterprise Feature Add-ons

VPN, Firewalling, Intrusion Prevention, Reverse Proxy, 2-Factor Authentication, Private VLAN and remote management options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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