Our Network

Our Cisco designed network delivers exceptional speed
and redundancy with the ability to automatically recover
in the event of failure.

About Entity Data’s Premium Network

About Entity Data’s Premium Network

What does it mean for you to host with an enterprise class network? It means speed, power, reliability, and 100% uptime! Our Enterprise-ISP network routes traffic to its destination using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP is an advanced network protocol that chooses how to send information through the Internet based on the fewest number of available network hops. Our servers are fully redundant and backed up by two diesel generators. Disaster recovery is built-in to everything we host, and daily on-site or off-site backup solutions are available for a reasonable monthly-fee.

About Entity Data’s Premium Network Features

Redundant Fibre Optic Network

Entity Data’s network is connected to multiple tier-1 providers, including AAPT, Nextgen, Uecomm and PIPE Networks for superior redundancy. We ensure our network is not over-committed to deliver outstanding network performance.

About Entity Data’s Premium Network Features

Powerful Cisco Network

Our network is comprised of a fully redundant configuration of high-end networking equipment from Cisco. The core of our network through to our edge and access layer switches are configured to have at least one hot spare.

About Entity Data’s Premium Network Features

World Class Data Centre

Entity Data operates from two state-of-the-art Data Centre facilities in Brisbane, designed for mission-critical hosting and providing the latest environmental control systems, power generators & biometric security.

About Entity Data’s Premium Network Features

Dell Certified Partner

We use Dell PowerEdge servers exclusively, and maintain a mission-critical response contract with DELL on all our server hardware. This means if something goes wrong we can have a DELL engineer on-site in 4 hours.

About Entity Data’s Premium Network Features

Onsite, Offsite, Disaster Recovery

Numerous Disaster Recovery technologies are implemented within our network, including local on-site storage arrays, robotic tape libraries for off-site backups and inter-site replication technologies ensure maximum data security.

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Our job is ensuring we deliver a solution that goes well beyond customer expectations, this means providing a rock-solid environment combined with exceptional customer support. — Steven Johnston, Data Centre Manager.

Data Centre Information

Redundant Power

  • Minimum N+1 redudancy

  • Industrial APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies

  • Onsite diesel power generators

Environmental Systems

  • Minimum N+1 redundancy

  • N+1 air conditioning systems

  • Environmental monitoring

Fire Systems

  • VESDA fire detection

  • Gas fire suppression

  • Roof smoke detection

  • Under floor smoke detection

Security Systems

  • Swipe Card facility access

  • Advanced ALARM systems

  • CCTV recording

  • Onsite security staff

Network Connectivity

  • Multiple redundant transit links

  • Routing via BGP4 routing protocol

  • Intersite failover of hosting farms

  • Peering with PIPE

  • Networks Failover configuration on network kit