Firewalling Services


Our network firewall and Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions from CheckPoint® and Citrix® offer high-performance, enterprise-grade protection.

Regardless of the scale of your hosted environment, security is one of the most important considerations of any hosting solution. Entity Data’s Check Point® and Citrix® firewall solutions offer extremely advanced network and application level data protection.


We take data security very serious and offer a wide range of security services to meet any customer requirement. Firewall technologies are fully managed and monitored around the clock by our security engineers.



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Intelligent Network Protection Powered by Check Point®

Our Check Point® firewalls provide powerful network-level protection that filter out any harmful traffic destined toward your server. This high-performance hardware firewall solution is suitable for both dedicated server and virtual server clients whom want to ensure the very best level of data protection, stop internal and external attacks, and achieve security compliance.

Check Point® supports an advanced set of features to address security requirements and meet compliance obligations. These include Deep Packet Inspection, VLANs, Intrusion Prevention, Security Zones and Advanced logging capabilities.


  • High Availability (Active / Active Check Point® Cluster)

  • Identify / Allow / Block specific network traffic

  • Protect against most viruses, worms & malware

  • Network Address Translation (NAT)

  • Deep Packet Inspection

  • Managed 24/7/365

Web Application Firewall powered by Critix® Netscaler™ AppFirewall™

Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) powered by Citrix® Netscaler™ AppFirewall™ provides an advanced layer of protection for your hosted websites and web applications. WAFs are designed to inspect all traffic and mitigate attacks without slowing down web application performance.

While many threats to web applications can be mitigated by good development practises and by keeping web applications updated, if and when a vulnerability is missed, a Web Application Firewall can protect against an exploit.


  • Prevents SQL injection attacks

  • Prevents cross-site scripting attacks

  • Prevents cookie tampering

  • https and XML reply and request validation

  • JSON payload inspection

  • Signature and behavioural based inspections

  • Prevents many Denial of Service attacks

Frequently Asked Questions

What Firewall options do you have for our server?

We offer a wide range of security product addons and can meet almost any technical / security requirement that your business has. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Will I get access to the Firewall?

Our network firewall (Check Point) and Web Application Firewall (WAF) solutions are fully managed by Entity Data. We create and manage the policy based on your requirements.

More Questions? Call us on 1300 551 084 or Contact Us