Load Balancing Services


Entity Data’s advanced application load balancing and monitoring solution is powered by Citrix Netscaler® Application Delivery Controller (ADC), featuring unmatched security, superior L4-L7 load balancing and high-availability.

Our load balancing solution is built on high-end Citrix Netscaler® MPX appliances, capable of multi-Gigabit performance and handling millions of connections per second. This solution is fully-managed and monitored by our network operations team.

Our solution is ideal for distributing workloads and resources across multiple backend servers automatically, while health monitoring ensures backend resources are online and functioning normally.


Layer 4 Load Balancing (LB)

  • Protocols supported: TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTPS, DNS (TCP and UDP), SIP (over UDP), RTSP, RADIUS, DIAMETER, SQL, RDP, IS-IS, SMPP
  • Algorithms: Round Robin, Least Packets, Least Bandwidth, Least Connections, Response Time, Hashing (URL, Domain, Source IP, Destination IP, and CustomID), SNMP-provided metric, Server Application State Protocol (SASP)
  • Session persistence: Source IP, cookie, server, group, SSL session, SIP CALLID, Token-based, SESSIONID, Diameter AVP
  • Session protocols: TCP, UDP, SSL_TCP, Multi-path TCP, SPDY
  • Server monitoring: Ping, TCP, URL, ECV, scriptable health checks, Dynamic Server Response Time
  • Link load balancing

Layer 7 Content Switching

  • Policies: URL, URL Query, URL Wildcard, Domain, Source/ Destination IP, HTTPS Header, Custom, HTTPS and TCP Payload Values, UDP, Diameter AVP
  • Switch requests based on protocol of incoming packets

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

  • Algorithms: site health, geographic proximity, network proximity, connections, bandwidth, AG-E SSL VPN users
  • Site health checking on status, connection load, packet rate, SNMP-provided metrics

Application Acceleration

  • Multiplexing, buffering, connection keep-alive, windows scaling, selective acknowledgement, fast ramp, TCP Westwood
  • AppCompress
  • Gzip-based compression for HTTPS traffic AppCache3
  • Caching for static and dynamic application content
  • https GET and POST method support
  • Policies defined based upon HTTPS header and body values

DoS Protection

  • Continue service to legitimate users while protecting against attacks such as: SYN Flood, HTTPS DoS, and Ping of Death
  • ICMP and UDP rate control

Content rewriting and response control

  • Policy-based bidirectional rewriting of https header and payload elements
  • Policy-based redirection of incoming requests
  • Body URL rewrite
  • Responder module
  • Custom responses and redirects
  • Policy-based routing
  • Network aware policies

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