VPN Remote Access


Advanced and secure SSL-VPN remote access to your cloud applications and servers, powered by Citrix Unified Gateway® and Fully managed and supported by Entity Data

VPN remote access powered by NetScaler Unified Gateway® works in parallel with other Entity Data security products, such as our Check Point Firewall service and Multi-factor authentication solution to deliver an extremely secure hosted cloud environment and achieve relevant security compliance.

NetScaler Unified Gateway® consolidates multiple remote access solutions, providing Single Sign-On (SSO), multi-factor authentication, end-to-end monitoring across all application traffic and contextual access control across hosted applications.

Entity Data’s remote access solution powered by Netscaler Unified Gateway® provides one secure access point for connecting to applications and servers—an ideal solution for secure access to non-publicly accessible services, for example Remote Desktop Protocol, which ideally is not publicly accessible to the Internet, but would be accessible after first logging into Citrix Unified Gateway®.

NetScaler Unified Gateway® also allows granular access control to business applications based on the state of the end-user device, user, user location, and other data. Our network team can create, manage, and enforce these policies to access data securely in your hosted environment. These policies can be implemented for VDI, web, mobile, enterprise, and SaaS applications.

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